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BJS FY 12 State Justice Statistics Program (SJS)

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BJS is publishing this notice to announce the Technical Assistance Program to support activities under the State Justice Statistics Program for Statistical Analysis Centers (SJS-SAC) in fiscal year 2012. Since 1972, BJS and its predecessor agency, the National Criminal Justice Information and Statistics Service, has provided partial support to state and territorial governments for the establishment and operation of SACs to collect, analyze, and report statistics on crime and justice to federal, state, and local levels of government, and to share state-level information nationally. The SJS- SAC program is designed to maintain and enhance each state's capacity to coordinate statistical activities within the state, conduct research on relevant criminal justice issues, and serve as a liaison role to assist BJS with gathering data from state agencies.


Number of Awards: 39
Total Amount Awarded: $2,456,912

Date Created: January 16, 2011