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Services for Crime Victims

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The National Census of Victim Service Providers (NCVSP) and the National Survey of Victim Service Providers (NSVSP) are two surveys within the Victim Services Statistical Research Program (VSSRP). Collecting information directly from service providers can help to fill important information gaps in our understanding of victimization, namely the range of services available for and provided to different types of crime victims. These new surveys will be implemented in two phases:

Phase I. In 2017, the NCVSP questionnaire was administered to about 12,200 organizations that serve victims of crime or abuse as their primary mission, or that had dedicated staff or programs to serve victims. The census data refined the original roster and described the basic characteristics of the organizations and programs serving victims. Read more

Phase II. Using the information gathered from Phase I, NSVSP will survey a nationally representative sample of VSPs. The survey will provide more in-depth information about both the organizations serving victims and victims receiving services. Read more