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World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems: Ukraine

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Date Published
June 1993
This overview of Ukraine's criminal justice system encompasses political and legal systems, the nature and extent of crime, victims, law enforcement, the prosecutorial and judicial process, the judicial system, penalties and sentencing, and extradition and treaties.

Ukraine became an independent country in 1991 and has a unitary system of government. The country's criminal justice system is based on both inquisitory and adversarial justice principles. The age of criminal responsibility is 16 years. Crime statistics for 1990 indicate 2,823 homicides, 2,661 rapes, and 182,432 embezzlement cases were reported. Crime victims have the right to actively participate in criminal investigations, prosecution, and sentencing, and the legal status of victims is described in Ukraine's Code of Criminal Procedure. Under the Law on Militia, major tasks of the police are to provide personal security for citizens, protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, prevent and combat crime, maintain public order, arrest offenders, protect public and private property, and execute criminal sentences and administrative penalties. Police officers can use physical force, special means, and firearms; detain suspects and place them in custody; and conduct searches under the specific order of investigative personnel. The prosecutorial and judicial process is concerned with rights of the accused and procedures for bringing suspects to trial. The judicial system consists of the Supreme Court, regional courts, and district or city courts. Sentences are determined by court judges, and penalties are categorized according to basic and supplementary. The death penalty exists for aggravated homicide, rape of a minor, treason, espionage, and some military offenses. The extradition of criminals to a foreign government is possible if a bilateral agreement exists with the particular country.

Date Published: June 1, 1993