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State and Local Law Enforcement Training Academies, 2018 – Statistical Tables

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July 2021

This report presents findings on law enforcement recruits, instructors, and types of training at state and local law enforcement training academies in 2018. The tables show statistics on recruits based on sex, race or ethnicity, and whether or not they completed the basic training program. Findings are also provided on the subject areas covered by basic training and average time spent on those subjects and the experience and education of instructors.

  • Of recruits who started basic training in 2018, about 19% were female and 81% were male.
  • Sixty-four percent of beginning recruits were white, 14% were black, and 17% were Hispanic in 2018.
  • The average length of basic training was 833 hours, and the average length of field training was 508 hours.
  • During basic training, 82% of recruits in 2018 were trained on identifying and responding to the use of excessive force by other officers.

Date Published: July 7, 2021