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National Jail Census, 1978

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June 1984
After an introduction that describes the study, its information processing, file structure, and codebook information, this manual presents the variable description list, the codebook, and questionnaires for the data set resulting from the 1978 national jail census conducted by the Bureau of the Census for the Bureau of Justice Statistics under the National Prisoner Statistics Program.

The census was conducted for all locally administered county and municipal jails with the authority to hold prisoners for more than 48 hours. The variables include jail population by legal status, age and sex of prisoners, maximum sentence, admissions and releases, availability of services to prisoners, structural characteristics and capacity of the jail, and expenditure and employment data for the facility. The data cover 3,493 jails in 45 States. Five States with integrated jail-prison systems were excluded from the study; one State with some locally operated jails in addition to an integrated jail-prison system was included. The data are available in card-image and OSIRIS formats.

Date Published: June 1, 1984