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National Corrections Reporting Program, 1986

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January 1992
Based on data obtained from the 1986 National Corrections Reporting Program, this report presents tabular data that detail the characteristics of persons admitted to and released from the prison and parole systems at the State and Federal levels.

Data on admissions to State prisons cover admission type; the sex, race, and ethnicity of persons admitted; and selected demographic characteristics by admission type. Data on new court commitments address age at admission and by offense; sex, race, and ethnicity by offense; sentence length by offense, sex, and race; sentence length and minimum time to be served by offense, offense and sex, and offense and race; sentence length by offense; and sentences to life in prison or to death by offense. Data on releases from State prisons encompass method of release by release type and selected demographic characteristics by release type. Time served in prison is distinguished by offense, sex, race, and ethnicity. Data on entries to parole from State prisons detail demographic characteristics and sentence length and time served by offense. Tables on discharges from State parole address demographic characteristics by type and method of discharge. Discharge data are distinguished by first discharges, successful first discharges, and unsuccessful first discharges. Similar data are provided for admissions and releases from Federal prisons as well as entries to and discharges from Federal parole.

Date Published: January 1, 1992