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Survey of Sexual Victimization in Adult Correctional Facilities, 2012-2018 - Statistical Tables

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Date Published
June 2021
73 pages
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These statistical tables present counts of allegations and substantiated incidents of inmate-on-inmate and staff-on-inmate sexual victimization reported by correctional authorities in adult correctional facilities from 2012 to 2018. Detailed tables include jurisdiction-level counts by year reported by the Federal Bureau of Prisons system, all 50 state prison systems, and large local jail jurisdictions.

  • Prison administrators reported 18,884 allegations of sexual victimization in 2018, which was 2.5 times the 7,575 reported in 2012.
  • Jail administrators reported 3.5 times as many alleged sexual victimizations in 2018 (8,651) as in 2012 (2,411).
  • In adult correctional facilities, more alleged sexual victimizations were substantiated in 2018 (1,673 incidents) than in 2012 (953), with prisons driving 61% of this increase (up 438) and jails 35% (up 255).
  • While both allegations and substantiated incidents of sexual victimization rose in adult correctional facilities from 2012 to 2018, the share of allegations that were substantiated fell from 9% to 6%.
Date Published: June 2, 2021