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Injuries From Crime

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May 1989
Data for this report encompass all physical injuries resulting from a rape, robbery, or assault and reported to the National Crime Survey for 1979-86.

A total of 17,686,100 injury victimizations occurred during the study period. Rates in this study differ from those in other National Crime Survey publications because series crimes were included in this study. Series crimes are three or more similar criminal incidents about which the victim is unable to provide separate details. Series crimes were counted as three victimizations each. The data cover injuries in criminal victimization, trends in violent crime, types of injury, health care, injury by type of crime, characteristics of injured victims, and a comparison of criminal victimization injuries to other medical conditions and injuries. Data indicate that about 1 in 6 of the injured victims survived serious injuries, i.e., gunshot or knife wounds, broken bones, teeth knocked out, loss of consciousness, internal injuries, or unspecified injuries requiring a hospital stay of at least 2 days. 11 tables, appended list of sources for data tables.

Date Published: May 1, 1989