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Historical Statistics on Prisoners in State and Federal Institutions, Yearend 1925-86

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March 1989
Statistics on year end State and Federal prison populations for 1925-86 show national, regional, and individual State trends in prison populations over these years.

National Prisoner Statistics is a voluntary reporting program begun by the Federal Government in 1926. Year end prison population counts are the product of an annual national census in which the responsible Federal agency asks each State correctional institution, the District of Columbia, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons to report summary statistics. Narrative information covers national, regional, and individual State trends for 1925-86 as well as trends in the size of the Federal Government on December 31 of each year from 1925 to 1986. Another table portrays the average annual change in prison population for 1925-86 and 1980-86. A third table presents the number of sentenced prisoners in State and Federal institutions and percentage of prisoners in Federal institutions for 1925-86.

Date Published: March 1, 1989