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District of Columbia Household Victimization Survey - Data Base User Manual

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Date Published
December 1984
This data base user manual for the District of Columbia Household Victimization Survey presents a study overview, the questionnaire design and implementation, file organization and structure, as well as file building and estimation.

The survey measured the extent of crime in the District for 1982 and 1983 as well as its impact on the quality of life in the District. A secondary interest of the study was the risk of victimization for congressional workers in the Capitol Hill area and the impact of their fear of victimization on their work productivity. An overview of the study encompasses sample design and selection, the computer-assisted telephone interviewing, type of crime coding, the development of analysis weights, and standardization for population differences. The content of each questionnaire section is outlined, and its administration is described, followed by a description of the file organization and structure. The latter description covers the definition of in-scope crimes, data base conventions, person-level data file, in-scope crime file, and out-of-scope crimes file. The final chapter describes the construction of each file and estimation using these analysis files. The appendix contains the questionnaire and screening forms. Eleven references are listed.

Date Published: December 1, 1984