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Directory of Criminal Justice Issues in the States: Volume V

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August 1988
This fifth-edition directory summarizes research done by 48 Statistical Analysis Centers (SAC's) located throughout the United States and its territories.

A brief description of the 35 research issues listed in the directory focuses on the major criminal justice issues confronting the States in 1987. The number of States conducting research in each issue area for 1987 and 1986 is listed. In 1987 over 30 of the States were involved in research pertaining to sentencing, courts, and police. Other issues researched by a significant number of States were juvenile delinquency, jail, drug abuse, prosecution, victims, overcrowding, parole, probation, recidivism, and population projections. A summary of each SAC activity listed in the directory includes the title, brief description of the research, data sources, completion date, and contact person. An issue index shows where each type of research may be found in the directory. Appendixes provide the address and telephone number of each SAC, a description of the Criminal Justice Statistics Association and several products it offers, and an evaluation survey for directory users.

Date Published: August 1, 1988