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Capital Punishment, 1988

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July 1989
Publication Series
This report presents information on inmates under the death sentence in 1988, court decisions pertinent to capital punishment, and state capital punishment laws.

A chart shows the status of the death penalty in each State in 1988 and whether or not any executions occurred in 1988. Narrative information covers the number of inmates executed in 1988, the number under sentence of death, the number of death sentences vacated or commuted, and the characteristics of death row inmates. Information on 11 court cases dealing with capital punishment covers the issues in each case and the court decision. The States involved in the cases were Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Maryland, New Jersey, and Arkansas. Information on State capital punishment laws addresses statutory changes, execution method, automatic review, and minimum age. Appendixes report on the current status of all those sentenced to death from 1973 to 1988 and on Federal death penalty statutes in the U.S. Code. 3 figures, 10 tables.

Date Published: July 1, 1989