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Bureau of Justice Statistics National Update: October 1991

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October 1991
This bulletin describes recent efforts to upgrade Federal crime-control strategies as well as data collection efforts and presents recent statistics compiled by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The bulletin opens with a summary of the U.S. Attorney General's Crime Summit on March 5, 1991 which included President Bush's presentation of Federal crime-control strategies, a discussion of cooperative crimefighting efforts, a review of violent crime trends, and consideration of point-of-sale record checks for potential firearm purchasers. Another article provides information on State participation in the Criminal History Record Improvement Program, followed by corrections statistics on State executions in 1990, the average daily jail inmate population, and jail inmate reports on the drug and crime linkage. A report on data from the 1990 National Crime Victimization Survey is followed by a summary of 1988 data from selected State Offender-Based Transaction Systems. Other program and data descriptions cover the Drugs and Crime Data Center and Clearinghouse and the Justice Statistics Clearinghouse. A concluding section on recent developments contains events and announcements.

Date Published: October 1, 1991