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Bureau of Justice Statistics Fiscal Year 1994 Program Plan

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June 1994
This report contains State and national crime statistics that reflect the fiscal year 1994 program plan of the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS); data are provided on crime victimization, prosecution, adjudication, corrections, Federal justice expenditures, criminal records, and State statistical analysis centers.

The report describes the 34 million criminal victimizations that occur annually, as well as activities and operations of the 50,000 offices, agencies, and institutions that comprise the U.S. criminal justice system. BJS statistics indicate that the rate of victimization by offenders armed with handguns reached a 20-year high in 1992, while overall rates of victimization from rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were below 1981 rates. Adults in State and Federal prisons or on probation or parole accounted for 3 percent of white men, 15 percent of black men, and 2 percent of all adults in the United States. Drug offenders constituted 7 percent of persons entering State prisons in 1980 but 30 percent of those entering in 1992. Residents of large cities paid about $144 per person to operate police departments, over 50 percent more than residents of smaller cities and towns. Statistics and descriptive information are provided for the National Pretrial Reporting Program, the National Prosecutor Survey, the National Judicial Reporting Program, State and Federal inmates, the Justice Information Policy Assistance Program, 1994 initiatives of the BJS, and BJS assistance to State statistical analysis centers. Figures and tables

Date Published: June 1, 1994