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2017 Annual Survey of Jails

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Begun in 1982, the Annual Survey of Jails (ASJ) is a sample-based, annual survey of local jail facilities that provides the source of nationally representative data on jail populations. Through the ASJ, BJS produces national estimates of the demographic characteristics of the local jail population as well as tracking changes in the jail population, jail capacity and crowding, the flow of inmates moving into and out of jails, and use of jail space by other correctional institutions. The data collection agent will be required to: review current sampling strategies to ensure that the existing frame will still provide national estimates; pilot test and incorporate questions on most serious offense for jail inmates; conduct the data collection; maintain high response rates and timely data submission; prepare and deliver the data collection file; consider alternative methods for data collection, including the use of individual-level administrative records in producing aggregate estimates; and provide BJS with as-needed analyses and reports.
Date Created: February 1, 2017