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Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies (CTLEA-16)

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Description of original award (Fiscal Year 2015, $799,891)

The Tribal Law and Order Act (P.L. 111-211)requires the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) to implement a tribal criminal justice data collection and such statistics are an important priority for BJS.

Among other things, the 2016 Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies (CTLEA-16) will collect information on criminal jurisdiction; staffing and recruitment; officer training; budgets and funding sources; equipment; administrative and management information systems; services provided; agreements with other criminal justice entities; interactions with other agencies; access to and participation in local, regional, state, and federal data systems; and access to and use of offender housing options.

Information will be collected from (1) all tribal law enforcement agencies in the US, (2) Village Public Safety Offices (VPSO) in Alaska, and (3) law enforcement agencies operated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

Under this award, NORC will complete all tasks and deliverables described in the Program Narrative and Supplemental Response to BJS Questions attached to the application, including:

TASK 1: Hold a kick-off meeting with BJS in the first month of the project period to review all phases of the work and to finalize a detailed time-task plan for BJS approval.

TASK 2: Develop a universe list of all tribal law enforcement agencies in the U.S., VPSOs in Alaska, and law enforcement agencies operated by the BIA.

TASK 3: Complete a comprehensive literature review to identify relevant Indian Country issues, concerns, information needs, prior survey instruments used by BJS and others. Based on this review, CTLEA-16 content areas and subsections will be developed and reviewed with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Indian Country Law Enforcement Section (ICLES). NORC will prepare and deliver a CTLEA-16 Survey Item Justification Report which documents the relevant information needs and the sets of survey questions that will satisfy these needs and how they will be of value to BJS, the tribal community and other stakeholders. This report will be structured so that the core and customizable questions are in separate sections.

TASK 4: Develop and design three separate forms of the CTLEA-16 with core and customized items for the: 1) Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies in the Lower 48 States; (2) Census of Alaska Native Village Public Safety Offices; and (3) Census of Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement Agencies.

TASK 5: Upon approval of the survey forms by BJS, NORC will field-test the draft instruments.

TASK 6. Establish a call center to respond to questions from potential respondents. Call center staff will be trained to effectively respond to information and assistance requests from the field. NORC will also maintain a log of all such interactions to use for training purposes and to communicate to BJS the problems or issues encountered with the collection.

TASK 7: Prepare required OMB clearance package material with input from BJS. BJS will submit the package and respond to any questions with input from NORC as needed.

TASK 8: Field the data collection and provide BJS with a fully-documented analytic data file including all necessary imputations. NORC will submit the data file and documentation in a form that meets the submission guidelines established by the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data at the University of Michigan.

TASK 9: Prepare a draft report summarizing the major findings from the CTLEA-16 collection.

TASK 10: Prepare a longitudinal data file linking tribal law enforcement agencies responses to the various BJS data collections, including the CTLEA-16 and earlier survey data produced by BJS.

TASK 11: Deliver required fiscal and programmatic reports within the timeframes specified in the award.

Note: This project contains a research and/or development component, as defined in applicable law.


Date Created: September 22, 2015