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Tribal Crime Data Collection Activities, 2022

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July 2022

This report is the 12th in a series that began in 2011. It fulfills the requirement of the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010 to report annually on BJS's activities to establish and enhance a tribal crime data collection system. The report highlights data collections that covered tribal populations, including the National Survey of Victim Service Providers, the Survey of Jails in Indian Country, the Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies, the Census of Tribal Court Systems, and the Federal Justice Statistics Program. It summarizes statistical findings on tribal justice agencies and the American Indian and Alaska Native population, and it provides information on funding to tribes to enhance tribal participation in national records and information systems.

  • From fiscal year (FY) 2016 to FY 2021, BJS awarded six grants totaling $1.6 million to tribes to improve and automate their criminal history records and databases.
  • At midyear 2020, 42% of persons held in Indian country jails were held for violent offenses.
  • Among American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) persons released from state prison in 2008 across 24 states, 79% were arrested within 5 years and 85% were arrested within 10 years.
  • In FY 2020, federal law enforcement agencies arrested 2,643 AIAN persons, U.S. district courts sentenced 1,248, and federal prisons admitted 1,245 and released 1,749.

Date Published: July 28, 2022