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Survey to Schools on Drug-related Disciplinary Actions

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September 1992
Because of concern over the social, emotional, medical, and moral impact of drug use by young people in South Dakota and reporting requirements of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, this survey was designed to better understand the extent of drug-related incidents among middle school, junior high, and high school age students.

The survey questionnaire was sent to 374 schools in 1992, and 264 administrators responded. Of schools responding to the survey, 39 percent were senior high schools, 28 percent were middle schools, and 18 percent were junior high schools. The number of students in the schools averaged 230. School administrators were asked to rate on how serious drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse problems were among students. Alcohol was viewed as the most serious problem, followed by smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, and marijuana. Nearly 93 percent of the respondents believed that drug use in 1992 was about the same as or lower than that in 1989. Over half of the school administrators reported that disciplinary action had been taken for alcohol-related activities. The survey questionnaire is included.

Date Published: September 23, 1992