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State Court Caseload Statistics - Annual Report, 1979

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Date Published
April 1984
This 1979 annual report of State court caseload statistics is the fifth in a series containing statistical caseload data compiled from the annual reports of each State court system and from other available data.

A profile of the courts in each State contains (1) a chart depicting the organization of the court system within the State, the jurisdiction and route of appeal for each court, the number of judges, and information on the types of trials and (2) a set of tables containing the case-related data received from each State court or court system. Enough States reported trend data, caseload by category, number of reversals, and time-to-disposition data to warrant inclusion of these topics. For those States not supplying basic data, gaps and 'not available' entries in the profiles draw attention to the missing data. Complete data from each State profile are transferred into summary tables designed to display the kinds of available data that could be aggregated. The summary tables are categorized by trial and appellate courts. A narrative section reporting on general highlights of the data indicates that the number of cases filed in the courts has increased from 1978 to 1979. The courts have managed to handle the increase in filing fairly well, with most courts disposing between 90 and 100 percent of the number of cases filed. The appendixes contain a technical discussion of the estimation procedure and sources of 1979 State court caseload statistics.

Date Published: April 1, 1984