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Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Law and Justice Statistics

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August 1985
These papers from the third biannual Workshop on Law and Justice Statistics, held in conjunction with the American Statistical Association's 1985 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nev., August 3 and 4, pertain to current work in criminal justice statistics.

Papers on statistical tools for law and justice administration address the redesign of the National Crime Survey and the Uniform Crime Reporting Program and provide some observations on the development of objective measures to aid decisionmaking in justice administration. Three papers on statistics and probability in forensic science cover the evaluation of associative forensic science evidence, Bayes theorem in forensic science, and identification by probability. One paper discusses the quantification and modeling of criminal careers. Three papers pertain to statistical studies of racial discrimination in capital sentencing. The topics encompass recent studies of race and victim effects in capital sentencing, evidence pertaining to racial discrimination and arbitrariness in capital punishment, and comments on three studies on disparity in capital sentencing by race of victim. Another paper discusses the mechanics of random juror selection. Appended program agenda and addresses of speakers and organizers.

Date Published: August 1, 1985