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Probation and Parole, 1990

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November 1991
During 1990 the number of adults on state or federal probation or parole increased to record levels and amounted to an estimated 1.7 percent of all adults in the United States.

State and Federal correctional agencies reported that 2,670,407 adult offenders were on probation and 531,407 were on parole. The number of men on probation or parole was about 3 percent of all adult males. The probation population increased by 5.5 percent from the previous year, while the parole population increased by 16.3 percent. Of the more than 4.3 million adults who were under the care or custody of a correctional agency on a given day in 1990, 73.6 percent were supervised in the community and 26.4 percent were incarcerated. More than 85 percent of those released from prison received supervision in the community. Figures, tables, and notes

Date Published: November 1, 1991