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Prisons and Prisoners in the United States

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April 1992
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This report provides an overview of national corrections statistics and a summary profile of State and Federal prisons.

Topics covered include the number and characteristics of prisons in the United States, prison capacity and demand for prison space, and the additions to capacity in recent years. The data also cover inmate and offense characteristics and changes in staffing and program opportunities for inmates. Results revealed that 2,670,234 adults were on probation nationwide on December 31, 1990; that 405,320 persons were held in locally operated jails and correctional facilities on June 30, 1990; and that State and Federal prisons held 804,524 inmates on June 30, 1991. In addition, a majority of the 1,037 State and Federal prisons held fewer than 500 inmates, but a majority of prisoners are in prison with more than 1,000 inmates. Tables and figures

Date Published: April 1, 1992