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Population Density in State Prisons

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December 1986
Based on the 1984 Prison Census, which collected detailed information on over 180,000 housing units at 694 State prisons, this report presents data on the amount, nature, and use of housing space in State prisons.

One table contains data on the numbers of prisons, occupied housing units, and inmates by region as well as each region's total occupied housing space in square feet. Another table indicates the distribution of housing space and inmates by housing type and region as of June 30, 1984. Data on prison population density characteristics as of June 30, 1984, present the percent of all inmates, the average square feet per inmate, the percent of inmates in multiple occupancy, and the average number of hours per day confined to the unit for all prisons and by number of inmates per unit, housing unit use, security designation, facility age and size, and the sexes housed. A State-by-State analysis shows the numbers of State prisons and inmates, average square feet per inmate, and percent in multiple housing by use of unit as of June 30, 1984. Other tables show the cumulative distribution of inmates by the Nation's total, region, unit size, and unit use; a comparison of housing space and inmate numbers for June 30, 1979, and June 30, 1984; and prison population density on March 31, 1978, and June 30, 1984. Additional data cover inmate distribution by housing unit size, occupancy, and hours confined per day; distribution of State prisons by population density; and inmate deaths, assaults, and disturbances by population density and security classification for 1984. 11 tables.

Date Published: December 1, 1986