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New Directions for the National Crime Survey

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March 1989
This report provides an overview of a project to evaluate and redesign the National Crime Survey (NCS), which is a national survey conducted twice a year to determine the number and nature of criminal victimizations of citizens.

The assessment has focused on data accuracy, survey methodology, and the enhancement of options for data analysis. In addition to changes in the way crime incident data are elicited and organized, the NCS redesign also examined the techniques used to collect data, including sample design, data collection technologies, and respondent rules. Revisions are being made to improve the analytic data set as well. The changes include altering the scope of crimes measured by the NCS, adding questions to provide new independent variables, revising questions dealing with the outcomes of crime, and including topical supplements to the NCS on a regular basis. The Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Census Bureau have agreed on a four-component comprehensive plan for the remaining implementation: testing, phase-in, statistical splice, and processing system.

Date Published: March 1, 1989