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National Justice Agency List, 1980 - Federal and Indian Tribal Agencies Subfile

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Date Published
September 1983
This codebook lists the variables and coding information for the data set which gives the names, addresses, agency types, and employment for 800 Federal justice agencies and 200 Indian tribal justice agencies listed in the National Justice Agency List.

The introduction describes the study and discusses data collection procedures, file structure, data standards, and codebook information. The survey included headquarters offices located in Washington, D.C., and the names and addresses of agencies at the district or regional levels of organization are included. Law enforcement, court, correctional, and probation and parole agencies are listed. The data are available in two formats: a card-image file and an OSIRIS file. A glossary, a list of the types of Federal agencies included, and an appendix that explains the classification of governmental units are included.

Date Published: September 1, 1983