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Los Angeles County Gang Alternative Prevention Program: Evaluation Report

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January 1991
This study presents the methodology and findings for an evaluation of Los Angeles County's Gang Alternative Prevention Program (GAPP), which provides intensive supervision and coordinated services to at-risk juveniles on probation for minor offenses.

The evaluation compared probation outcomes for GAPP cases and a comparison group of juveniles on probation but not a part of GAPP. Also surveyed were 100 cases screened but rejected for supervision by the GAPP. All cases were followed for 6 months. Overall, the GAPP had a valuable impact on the probation and educational performance of clients. Student grade point averages increased during the supervision period and truancy declined. Reductions in gang involvement as well as drug and alcohol use were identified. According to a variety of measures, recidivism of GAPP clients was reduced. During the probationary period, GAPP clients reported fewer arrest, juvenile citations, and convictions. In keeping with the nature of intensive supervision, probation violations by GAPP clients increased. This report concludes that GAPP should be recognized as a balanced, practical, and intensive attempt to provide juveniles an alternative to gang involvement. Appended forms and surveys, 17 tables, and 17 figures

Date Published: January 1, 1991