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Law Enforcement Management and Administration Statistics, 1990: Data for Individual State and Local Agencies With 100 or More Officers

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September 1992
The 1990 Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics (LEMAS) survey questionnaire was mailed to all 780 State and local law enforcement agencies that reported employing 100 or more sworn officers in the 1986 Directory Survey of Law Enforcement Agencies; a sample of 2,338 agencies with fewer than 100 officers received a slightly abbreviated version of the questionnaire.

Of 3,118 agencies receiving the LEMAS questionnaire, 2,945, or 94.5 percent, responded. Data were obtained on the number, sex, race, and ethnicity of law enforcement personnel and on educational, residency, and training requirements for new officer recruits. Information was also collected on agency operating expenditures, salaries, overtime pay, collective bargaining, membership organizations, law enforcement and investigative functions, 911 systems, lockup facilities, police cars and other vehicles, sidearms, body armor policies, and nonlethal weapons. In addition, data were obtained on the use of computers, automated fingerprint identification systems, computerized information files, special units for youth and family problems, written policy directives, drug enforcement activities, and applicant and employee drug testing policies. Summary data tables are provided, as well as individual data for State and local law enforcement agencies.

Date Published: September 1, 1992