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Juvenile Detention and Correctional Facility Census, 1984-1985

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Date Published
June 1987
This codebook documents variables in the archived dataset for the Juvenile Detention and Correctional Facility Census, 1984-1985.

The Public Juvenile Detention, Correctional, and Shelter Facility Census, 1985 is the eighth in a series of surveys that provide information on the number and type of juveniles placed in State and local residential facilities for juvenile offenders across the 50 States and the District of Columbia. The introduction to this codebook provides information on data collection definitions, sampling, the file structure, codebook information, and data processing. The variable description list groups the variables under the topics of identification information; adults held; facility type; reason for custody; capacity; juvenile residential population on February 1, 1985; residential population on February 1, 1985, by race/ethnicity; juvenile residential population; population movement and length of stay; average daily population; expenditures; and computed variables. Each variable entry in the codebook indicates the variable and reference number and provides the abbreviated variable name used in the OSIRIS system. Variable information also covers the code values of missing data, the starting location and width of the variable when the data are stored on a magnetic tape, and the location by deck and column when the data are stored on cards or in card-image format. The full-text question for the variable code values are also supplied. Frequencies and the questionnaire are included.

Date Published: June 1, 1987