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Juvenile Detention and Correctional Facility Census, 1975

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February 1985
This report describes the study design, codebook information, file structure, and processing information for a 1975 census of State, local, and private juvenile detention and correctional facilities. Also included are a variable description list and the codebook.

Types of facilities included in the census were detention centers; shelters; reception or diagnostic centers; training schools; ranches, forestry camps, and farms; and halfway houses and group homes. All facilities had been operating at least 1 month before the census reference date (June 30, 1975). Private facilities included in the census were required to have at least 10 percent of their residents adjudicated delinquents, persons in need of supervision, voluntary admissions, persons awaiting transfer to another jurisdiction, or persons held pending disposition by the courts. Data were obtained for 971 public facilities and 1,637 private facilities. As an example of codebook information for public facilities, this report displays codebook information for a typical variable. Among the general categories of variables in the variable description list are facility characteristics, movement into and out of the institution, offense and sex of residents, staff tasks, and expenditures. Appendixes contain a county code list and frequencies and univariate statistics.

Date Published: February 1, 1985