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Justice Agencies in the United States - Summary Report, 1980

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May 1980
The national justice agency list is a master name and address listing of civil and criminal justice agencies in the nation.
It is continuously maintained and updated by the U.S.. bureau of the census for the bureau of justice statistics. The agency list, formerly called the directory of criminal justice agencies, was first compiled in 1970. A summary report presenting the number of criminal justice agencies was published in 1971, followed by separate reports for each state presenting the names and addresses of the individual agencies. In 1975, the updated names and addresses of the agencies listed in the directory were again published, in 10 regional volumes. Included in each of the volumes were descriptions of the agencies included and counts of all agencies. This report presents information on the number and types of agencies currently listed, reflecting information obtained through the 1977 criminal justice agency survey and the other censuses and surveys conducted between 1975 and 1979. Unlike the 1971 and 1975 directories, this report does not contain names and addresses of individual agencies; rather, it contains summary statistics about justice agencies in the nation. Included in this report are textual descriptions and counts of the agencies in each of the six sectors of the civil and criminal justice system: law enforcement, prosecution and civil attorney agencies, public defender agencies, courts and related judicial agencies, probation and parole agencies, correctional facilities (juvenile as well as state and local adult facilities) and other justice agencies. The report also contains tables presenting the number of agencies by sector and by state with the following information: level of government at which the agency is administered, number of agency employees, the population of the governmental unit in which the agency is administered, number of agency employees, the population of the governmental unit in which the agency is located or administered, and the level of government that funds the agency. Additional characteristics information is provided for agencies in particular sectors, such as number of sworn personnel in law enforcement agencies; legal jurisdiction and types of cases handled by courts, prosecution and civil attorney agencies, and public defender agencies; size and type of client caseload for probation and parole agencies; and size of average daily population for correctional facilities. Names and addresses of individual agencies (although not contained in this report) are available on magnetic tape, microfilm, computer printout, and mailing labels on a cost-reimbursable basis. These names and addresses are available for individual states, for specific types of agencies, or for various agency characteristics such as employment size, client caseload, or jurisdiction.

Date Published: May 1, 1980