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Federal Civil Justice System

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July 1987
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This report presents an overview of the structure and functions of the Federal civil justice system.

Following an outline of the types of civil cases that can be brought in the Federal courts, data on the characteristics and volume of Federal civil caseloads are provided. Brief discussions cover the role of district court judges in civil cases and pretrial case settlements. A review of the Department of Justice civil litigation activities addresses the work of the Civil Division, the Civil Rights Division, the Tax Division, the Land and Natural Resources Division, the Antitrust Division, and the work of U.S. attorneys. An overview of Federal civil case processing encompasses pretrial administrative review, case filing, pretrial activities, and trials. Other topics covered are the Federal Government's role in initiating civil cases, the Federal agencies and offices involved in Federal civil litigation, private Federal civil litigation, administrative review, administrative law hearings and appeals, and key issues in Federal civil justice. A chart displays Federal civil justice administrative review and litigation procedures. 3 tables and 10 footnotes.

Date Published: July 1, 1987