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Expenditure and Employment Data for the Criminal Justice System - Longitudinal File, 1971-1979

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Date Published
May 1983
The variable list and codebook are provided for 1971-79 data on criminal justice employment and expenditures for all States, counties, certain municipal governments, and Puerto Rico.

An introduction describes the study and discusses data collection, sampling, weighting, information processing, file structure, and codebook information. Variables include full-time and part-time employees and payroll; expenditures for current operations, capital outlay, and contributions to employee benefits; and intergovernmental expenditures paid to State and local governments. Figures cover the following sectors of the criminal justice system: police protection; judicial, legal services, and prosecution; public defense; corrections; and other criminal justice services. Data for the longitudinal file, 1971-79, include records for approximately 50 States, 3,030 counties, 7,466 cities, and 2,783 townships. Data are presented in two formats: a card-image file and an OSIRIS data set. A glossary is included.

Date Published: May 1, 1983