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Drugs and Crime Facts, 1992

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March 1993
This report summarizes data published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the U.S. Department of Justice in 1992 regarding offender drug use, drug-related crime, drug law enforcement, drug law offenses, juvenile drug use, public attitudes toward drugs, and the publications and services of the Drugs and Crime Data Center and Clearinghouse.

In 33 percent of violent crime victimizations in 1991, victims reported that they believed that their assailants were under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Among 1989 jail inmates, 44 percent used drugs in the month before the offense and 27 percent used drugs at the time of the offense. Thirteen percent of convicted jail inmates in 1989 said that they committed their offense to obtain money for drugs. State and local police made an estimated 1 million arrests for drug law violations in 1991. In 1988, 45,656 drug traffickers were sentenced to State prison, amounting to 16 for every 100 drug trafficking arrests. Among 27,000 drug offenders sentenced to probation in 32 counties across 17 States in 1986, 49 percent were for a felony offense within 3 years of sentencing. The percentage of Gallup Poll respondents describing drug abuse as the single most important problem facing the United States peaked in 1989. Tables and lists of publications from the Drugs and Crime Data Center and Clearinghouse and the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Date Published: March 1, 1993