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Domestic Violence in Delaware 1990-1992: Victim to Offender Relationships

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November 1994
Domestic violence statistics for the 1990-1992 period in Delaware show an increase in "victim known to the offender" crimes across all categories except homicide.

Delaware's Statistical Analysis Center uses a general grouping scheme to analyze victim-offender relationships. The scheme includes partner relationships, relatives, otherwise known, and unknown. Data on homicide, forcible rape, other sexual assault, aggravated assault, and simple assault are analyzed by victim-offender relationship; pie and bar charts disaggregate victim-offender relationships. The report includes additional information on reported rapes in 1991 and 1992 by age group. The analysis shows that rape is most often a crime against children. Further, the incidence of child victimization and the dramatic difference between rape of juvenile versus adult males clearly reflect the victimization of those who are most vulnerable. Tables and figures

Date Published: November 1, 1994