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Directory of New York State Drug Information Resources

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Date Published
July 1990
The Directory of New York State Drug Information Resources was developed to serve as a resource to the practitioner and administrator on the topic of drug and crime.

This first edition was produced under a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics. The Directory provides an annotated listing of automated data bases and publications dealing with drugs and crime available from Federal and State agencies, as well as local and private agencies of New York State. A brief description of each individual agency is provided. Also identified is the nature of the drug data collected and maintained by the agency; the data elements contained in each agency database; how the data are utilized by the agency; the availability of information from the database; and publications produced by the agency. The overall purpose of the directory is to increase awareness of national sources of information on drugs and crime. 3 references and glossary.

Date Published: July 1, 1990