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Directory of Automated Criminal Justice Information Systems, 1980

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Date Published
October 1980
The principal purpose of this directory is to serve as a ready reference for criminal justice planners in developing new information systems or in enhancing existing ones.

With the recent growth of technological development in electronic data processing applications comes an increasing need for coordination and economy of effort. The directory is intended to foster communications among developers and users of criminal justice information systems, to facilitate the transfer or adaptation of exemplary systems, and to minimize duplication of effort. It presents indexed listings of the automated criminal justice information systems used by police, courts, corrections, and other agencies. For each jurisdiction covered, the listing describes briefly the criminal justice information systems which are operational or being developed, who is doing the work, and the current status of the system. System descriptions are presented in Appendix B and are listed by name under the State and city or county in which they are located. To facilitate location of a specific jurisdiction's response, Appendix A provides an index of jurisdictions, organized alphabetically by State with the county-level jurisdictions, followed by the local-level jurisdictions, listed alphabetically beneath the State.

Date Published: October 10, 1980