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Criminal Victimization 1987

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October 1988
These data from the National Crime Survey (NCS), which measures both reported and unreported crimes, update the preliminary estimates of victimization in 1987, which were released in March 1988.

The NCS measures selected personal and household offenses through interviews at 6-month intervals with households that compose a representative national sample. The data presented in this report cover victimization trends for 1973-87; victimization levels for selected crimes, 1973-87; changes in victimization levels and rates for personal and household crimes, 1986-87; victimization rates for such crimes, 1973-87; and comparison of changes in victimization rates for these crimes, 1973-87. Tables and figures also address trends in victimization rates of personal crimes, 1973-87; victimization rates for personal and household crimes by region, 1986-87; trends in victimization rates of household crimes, 1973-87; and victimizations reported to the police, 1973-87. Remaining data encompass trends in reporting crimes to the police, 1973-87 and preliminary estimates and final results for 1987 victimization levels and rates. The overall level of crime increased marginally, but the victimization rate remained stable from last year. 4 figures, 7 tables.

Date Published: October 1, 1988