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Criminal Victimization, 1985

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October 1986
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Criminal victimizations dropped by nearly 700,000 for persons 12 years and older during 1985, according to National Crime survey data.

This decline continues a trend that has reduced victimization to its lowest level in the past 13 years. Robberies dropped 11 percent in 1985, about 32 percent below the peak rate occurring in 1981. Personal larceny declined 3 percent, about 30 percent below the 1977 peak rate. The victimization rate for personal crimes of violence and theft declined 4 percent in 1985, resulting in approximately half a million fewer such crimes in 1984. Crimes were reported to police at about the same rate in 1985 as in 1984, with about 1 in 3 crimes measured by the survey reported. Motor vehicle theft had the highest rate of reporting, while household larceny and personal larceny without contact had the lowest rates of reporting. 6 tables and 1 note.

Date Published: October 1, 1986