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Crime in South Dakota 1991

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May 1992
Uniform Crime Reporting statistics for South Dakota in 1991 indicate that 21,189 serious crimes occurred during the year and that 41,220 arrests were made.

Of the total arrests, 31,379 involved adults and 9,841 were juveniles; the age group between 25 and 29 years had the highest total arrest rate. Data revealed 13 murders, 272 rapes, 130 robberies, 818 aggravated assaults, 3,998 burglaries, 15,178 larceny offenses, 780 motor vehicle thefts, and 135 arson offenses were reported. Offenders were known to victims in about 85 percent of the murders. For rapes, 36.9 percent of persons arrested were in their 20's; juveniles were arrested for 14.6 percent of rapes. Of the aggravated assaults, 30.4 percent involved the hands, fists, and feet, and 18 percent of persons arrested were juveniles. Data for burglaries revealed that 52.1 percent involved forcible entry and about $2.1 million in stolen property, that 27.2 percent occurred at a nonresidence at night, and that 47.7 percent of persons arrested were juveniles. Larceny offenses involved approximately $4.4 million in stolen property. Juveniles were involved in 50.4 percent of larceny arrests and in 59.6 percent of motor vehicle thefts. For arson offenses, 35.3 percent of those arrested were 10- 12 years of age. Additional data are provided on the police disposition of arrested juveniles, the age and sex of arrested persons, crime index offenses by sheriff and police, and law enforcement officers assaulted.

Date Published: May 10, 1992