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Crime and Justice Survey Results, Tennessee, 1992

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July 1993
Residents of Tennessee were surveyed to determine their attitudes regarding the punishment of criminals; fear of crime; the effectiveness of the criminal justice system; and other criminal justice, juvenile justice, and child abuse issues, as well as their personal victimization experience.

A total of 2,434 surveys were mailed. Responses came from 943 residents, 256 were not deliverable, and six respondents had died, producing an adjusted response rate of 43 percent. Results revealed that 72 percent of the respondents believe that everyone released from prison should be supervised, 74 percent believe that offenders should serve their entire sentence before release, 81 percent favored capital punishment for convicted murderers, and 45 percent favored capital punishment for child sexual abuse. Thirty-two percent were crime victims in 1991, including 8 percent who reported being victims of violent crime during the year. Fifty percent thought that abortion should be legal, while 73 percent believed that prostitution should be illegal. Thirteen percent had been child abuse victims. Figures and survey instrument

Date Published: July 15, 1993