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Correctional Populations in the United States, 1985

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December 1987
This statistical report on correctional populations in the United States for 1985 is a consolidation of data collected in various statistical programs currently maintained by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

After reviewing the history of U.S. corrections statistics, definitions of common terms used in tables, and data sources, the introduction presents data tables on persons on probation, in jail, in prison, or on parole and their percent of the adult population, by state, sex, and race for 1985. Eleven tables on jail inmates include a jail census of inmates by jurisdiction, sex, legal status, and ratio to total resident population, June 30, 1983; 1-day counts and average daily population by legal status and sex for 1983-85; and detention status of adult jail inmates by sex for 1983-85. Tables pertaining to adult probationers cover the number on probation by status of probation, status of supervision, sentence type, sex, race, Hispanic origin, and types of offense. Other probation tables indicate the number entering probation by type of exit. Other tables pertain to the setting of prison terms, prison inmates, parole, and capital punishment. Each topical section of tables contains explanatory notes and relevant questionnaires. Subject index.

Date Published: December 1, 1987