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Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics, 1988

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December 1991
Fourth in a series which also includes 1984, 1985, and 1986, this compendium describes each aspect of processing in relation to suspects or defendants who completed a pertinent stage of processing during calendar year 1988.

The compendium details the progress of Federal criminal suspects through prosecution, pretrial release, adjudication, sentencing, and corrections. U.S. attorneys investigated 94,548 suspects in matters terminated in 1988. Seventy percent of these suspects were prosecuted either in U.S. district court or before a U.S. magistrate. Judges convicted 80 percent of defendants in cases terminated in 1988. Of offenders convicted in U.S. district court, 54 percent were sentenced to incarceration and 35 percent to probation without incarceration. Tables follow the text of each chapter. 47 tables

Date Published: December 1, 1991