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Census of State and Federal Correctional Facilities, 1990

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May 1992
This publication presents data on the 1990 census of State correctional facilities including 250 community-based facilities that housed 2 percent of the Nation's prison population and 80 Federal prisons.

Data indicate the number of State and Federal Correctional facilities and inmates/residents by type of facility, jurisdiction, region, and race. Tables also show the average daily correctional facility population by jurisdiction and region, inmate violations, the design capacity of correctional facilities by facility size, the design capacity and rated capacity of facilities by region, the number of State correctional facilities under court order or consent decrees, and the number of correctional facilities by type and function. Other data address the characteristics of confinement facilities by security level; the number of occupied units, housing space, and inmates/residents; the population density of confinement facilities; the number of facilities that operate academic programs and participants; and the number of facilities with work assignments. Also included are data on inmates/residents enrolled in counseling programs; the characteristics of boot camp programs; employees by occupational category, type of facility, and sex of inmates housed; payroll staff by sex and race; inmates per full-time payroll employee by type of facility and occupational category; and expenditures for facilities by region, jurisdiction, and selected characteristics. 6 appended supplementary tables

Date Published: May 1, 1992