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Census of Local Jails, 1988: Volume I, Selected Findings, Methodology and Summary Tables

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March 1991
Publication Series
Information from the 1988 jail census covers census methodology, selected findings, and summary tables.

The 1988 census included all locally administered jails that held inmates beyond arraignment (usually more than 48 hours) and that were staffed by municipal or county employees. Selected findings presented in the introduction cover the number of jails and their inmates, jail capacity and court orders, inmate deaths, confinement unit use, planned changes in jails, expenditures, jail employees, inmate programs, and juvenile jail inmates. Twenty-six summary tables are presented. One table provides statistics on jails, inmates, jail capacity, percent of capacity occupied, and inmates per 100,000 population as of June 30, 1988. Another table covers the number of jails under court order or consent decree for specific conditions of confinement on June 30, 1988. Other data cover inmate population by detention status; number of jails by size and average daily number of inmates; inmate population by race/ethnicity and sex; inmates held for Federal, State, and other local authorities; population movement; planned changes in jails; jail employees; jail expenditures; jail programs; number of jails that test for AIDS; and jails and inmates by number of years since jails' original construction. Census form and 26 tables

Date Published: March 1, 1991