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BJS (Bureau of Justice Statistics) Data Report, 1988

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April 1989
This report on data published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) for 1988 pertains to crime and its characteristics; drugs; crime costs; the public response to crime; adjudication and sentencing; corrections; Federal justice data; and privacy, security, and confidentiality of criminal justice data and criminal histories.

The introduction discusses BJS data collection and analysis, publications, clearinghouses, and report distribution. Data on crime and its characteristics address crime trends, the volume and rate of crime, violent crime, crime victims, elderly victims, international crime rates, the seasonality of crime, and motor vehicle theft. Included in drug data are drug use and criminal offenders, trends in offender drug use, arrests and seizures, prosecution and sentencing, prison time served by drug offenders, and drug offender profiles. Data on crime costs cover the economic cost of crime to victims, justice system costs, and trends in justice system spending. Information on the public response to crime considers reporting crime, the fear of crime, public confidence in the criminal justice system, and public opinion on crime and punishment. Among the topics considered in adjudication and sentencing are the felony courts, civil and criminal cases filed and disposed, felony prosecutions, indigent defense, sentencing practices, and the prosecution and sentencing of white-collar offenders. Corrections statistics pertain to adult correctional populations, prison and jail crowding, characteristics of prison and jail inmates, characteristics of juveniles in long-term facilities, persons in jail for drunk driving, corrections funding, time served in prison and on parole, and capital punishment. Source notes.

Date Published: April 1, 1989