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Adults on parole, federal and state-by-state, 1975-2012

Date Published
December 2013

This spreadsheet presents the number of persons on parole from 1975 to year end 2012, by state.


Data for this report was collected through the Annual Probation Survey and Annual Parole Survey. These surveys have been conducted annually since 1980; excluding 1991. Probation data is available from 1977-2013, and parole data is available from 1975-2013. The most resent figures are for 2013. These surveys collect administrative data from probation and parole agencies in the U.S. Data collected include the total number of adults on state and federal probation and parole on January 1 and December 31 of each year, the number of adults entering and exiting probation and parole supervision each year, and the characteristics of adults under the supervision of probation and parole agencies. Published data include both national and state-level data. The surveys cover all 50 States, the Federal system, and the District of Columbia.

Date Published: December 19, 2013