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1983 Jail Census

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November 1984
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Data from the June 30, 1983, National Jail Census cover the number of jails and inmates by region for 1970-83, with data broken down by inmate characteristics (adults, juveniles, and sex) and by State.

Data also cover the ratio of jail inmates to the State general population; the average daily inmate population; admissions and releases by legal status, sex, and region; the Nation's 10 largest jails (rated capacity, whether under court order for crowding, and court-ordered capacity); and the number of inmates and jail capacity by jail size and region. Other tables address the number of adult inmates held because of crowding at other facilities; inmate deaths by cause and region; jail employees by occupational category, full-time or part-time status, and region; and the number of inmates per employee by occupational category and size of facility. Trends and highlights indicated by the data are discussed in the narrative portion of the report. Other Bureau of Justice Statistics reports are listed, and ordering information is provided.

Date Published: November 1, 1984