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NCS-X Project: Technical Assistance and Implementation Support

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The National Crime Statistics Exchange (NCS-X) Initiative is part of a national movement to expand the number of law enforcement (LE) agencies reporting incident-based crime data to the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). NCS-X seeks to transition a select sample of 400 LE agencies from across the country, including all of the largest agencies, to NIBRS, in order to use NIBRS data to generate national crime statistics. For recruiting and transitioning the sample of 400 LE agencies, BJS and the FBI have partnered to provide funding to eligible state UCR Programs and to local LE agencies, in support of the expansion of NIBRS in this sample based manner. A key component to the successful transition to NIBRS-compliant crime reporting is providing the needed technical assistance to state UCR Programs and to local LE agencies. Technical assistance needs will vary by agency and will necessitate working with state Programs and local LE agencies to develop policies, practices, and technology to facilitate the collection and submission of NIBRS data. Under this funding announcement, BJS seeks to provide supplemental funding to the current grantee for additional implementation and technical assistance services to states and local agencies in the process of transitioning to a NIBRS-compliant method of crime reporting, as well as assistance in implementing and managing NCS-X by providing project management, task coordination, and technological and analytical support to BJS. The grantee is supporting the NCS-X implementation effort in 4 main project areas: 1) assistance in implementation planning for state UCR Programs and local LE agencies transitioning to NIBRS; 2) technical assistance to state Programs and local agencies; 3) providing technological and analytical support to BJS and other NCS-X stakeholders to develop a suite of implementation options and methods of working with incident-based crime data; and 4) management and coordination of ongoing and new NCS-X activities.
Date Created: July 31, 2019