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Census of Medical Examiners and Coroners' Offices

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The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) is seeking applications for the administration of the 2017 Census of Medical Examiners and Coroners’ Offices (CMEC). This census will obtain and update information about operations, workload, staffing, training, policies, and procedures of approximately 2000 medical examiners and coroners’’ (ME/C) offices that are responsible for the medico legal investigation of death. Under this award, the field collection agent will update the national census roster of ME/C offices, revise the data collection instrument form the 2004 CMEC as necessary, administer the census, and deliver final data files to BJS. The 2017 Census of ME/C offices will capture information on staffing, including training, accreditation, and background of employees; resources, including budget, IT, specialized laboratories, and additional needs; workload, including number of referrals, accepted cases, and types of cases; and policies and procedures for offices functions, including disposition of remains, unidentified decedents, utilization of shared databases, information sharing with other offices, coding standards, and accreditation.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $999,949

Date Created: June 23, 2017