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Methodological Research to Support the Redesign of the National Crime Victimization Survey: Sub-National Estimates

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This award addresses a continuation of the NCVS subnational companion study project work already underway and in the final phase. The award will provide the additional funding required to complete the NCVS-CS data collection with the full sample in wave 2 of the final data collection field test. The study will use tested nonresponse follow-up techniques to ensure adequate precision to assess the final design. The project team has estimated that the supplemental costs needed to administer the final wave 2 collection will require approximately $1 million. The specific tasks to be covered under this award include: 1) finalize wave 1 report; 2) conduct the preparation for data collection in wave 2; 3) conduct wave 2 data collection and data processing, and 4) conduct analysis and produce the final report and data files.
Date Created: July 13, 2016